Chatnik Benefits

Generate More Leads

Many of your website visitors are evaluating whether to make a purchase, invest or apply for a job. With Chatnik, you can provide fast and simple methods for people to instantly connect with you. Capture more opportunity from the traffic you already have.

Increase Your Sales

Prospective clients often have questions about  products and services. Delivering the right information at the right time is critical to get a sale and up-sell. Provide one-click access for people to immediately connect with you.

Provide Better Support

Keeping clients happy is essential to building a business and to getting referrals. Provide better quality support for higher levels of customer satisfaction. Give website visitors a fast and easy way to connect with the right department or right person for help and continue to earn their trust and respect.

Maximize Your Advertising

Most organizations spend considerable time, effort and money trying to attract and then keep people on their website. Chatnik helps to maximize that investment by providing all website visitors with the ability to connect with the best person to help them purchase your products and services.

Innovative Technology

Did you realize that Chatnik does not require you or your website visitors to download any software or special app? Start a free trial, log into the dashboard and in a few minutes, you can be setup and ready to really connect with your website visitors. We couldn't make it any faster or easier than that!

Incredible Price

Start with a free trial to be sure you really like Chatnik. Ask us any questions. Once you love it, subscribe to our service for just $900 per year. Why so little? Because we know you work hard for your money and we want to be helpful. For some clients, one additional sale can pay for Chatnik for years to come!

Save Money

Responding to sales and support questions is immediate, efficient and more cost-effective than alternative means of communication. There may be less need to hop into a car or on a plane to meet prospective customers to close a transaction.

Connect Quicker

Website visitors who have questions are less likely to find your Contact Us page and dial your phone number or send you an email. Providing instant access to the right department and people will help prospective customers get information they need faster.

Help Hearing Impaired

Providing sales and customer support via text chat can be of significant value for those who are hearing impaired and may have difficulty communicating over the phone. It's the right thing to do and extends the average organizations reach.

Safer Than Meeting in Person

Direct sales professionals who meet prospective customers face to face often encounter dangerous situations. Having a preliminary meeting via text chat before meeting in person may add a layer of protection for your employees.

Connections After Hours

Many people are unable to communicate with organizations during regularly scheduled working hours and would appreciate the extended hours made possible by connecting representatives who might be at home and otherwise unavailable.

Expand Your Market

Website visitors come from different places and speak different languages. Providing access to agents with broader language skills can increase lead generation and sales, while providing excellent customer service.